What does 'substantial contact' mean?

The Scope section of the Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance  states that:

"The Requirements in this guidance must be followed for the appointment of all roles within a Church body that involve substantial contact with children and/or vulnerable adults."

A footnote then explains the phrase 'substantial contact':

"In practical terms, what is trying to be established here is a difference from “casual contact” of the type a shopkeeper would have with children and vulnerable adults.  Shopkeepers are likely to come across all types of people whilst working in their shop.  The fact that they might come into contact with the vulnerable would not be enough for them to be eligible for an enhanced check and the same principle should be applied to all roles.  An enhanced check cannot be carried out just because a role might come into contact with a vulnerable person, (i.e. children or vulnerable adult).  In the past, this has been referred to by Government officials in relation to eligibility as the 'shopkeeper test'."

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