What are Hub Owners and Administrators?

What is a Hub Owner?

A Hub Owner can update their hub and can invite other people to use it too.

In most dioceses, someone is eligible to be Hub Owner if they currently hold one of the following roles: 

  • Incumbent
  • Priest-in-Charge
  • Parish Safeguarding Officer
  • Anyone who has been approved by the PCC

Someone becomes a Hub Owner by accepting an invitation from their diocesan safeguarding team, or from an existing Hub Owner.

What is a Hub Administrator?

A Hub Administrator can update their hub, but they can't invite other people to use it.

Someone is eligible to be a Hub Administrator if they have a church role that requires them to access all DBS and training records.

They become a Hub Administrator by accepting an invitation from an existing parish Hub Owner, or from their diocesan safeguarding team.

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