What workshops are available?

We offer a range of online workshops to help parish users grow in confidence with Safeguarding Hubs.  Each online workshop can have up to 100 participants.

What workshops are available?

Parishes are at different stages in using their Hubs, so we are developing a range of workshops to meet their various needs.  We currently offer four types of workshop:

  • Stage 1 - Getting started with Safeguarding Hubs (1 hour)
    This workshop is for parishes that have not yet started.  It explains how the registration process works, and demonstrates how a Hub can keep track of DBS checks and safeguarding training.
  • Stage 2 - Role Descriptions and Person Specifications (1 hour)
    This workshop is for parishes that are using Stage 1 of Safeguarding Hubs, but have not yet moved to Stage 2.  During the workshop we will create a Role Description and Person Specification.
  • Stage 3 - Recruitment Tracker (1 hour)
    This workshop is for parishes that are using Stage 2 of Safeguarding Hubs, but have not yet moved to Stage 3.  We demonstrate how easy it is to track the safer recruitment of a new volunteer.
  • Exploring Safeguarding Hubs (2 hours)
    This workshop is for anyone - parishes that are already using Safeguarding Hubs and also those that have not yet started.
    The first hour covers Stage 1 and Stage 2.  After a short break, the second hour covers Stage 3 with plenty of time for questions and answers.
    Participants can attend for just one hour if they wish.

What does a workshop include?

Each workshop comprises:

  • Introductions and overview presentation
    The first 10 minutes includes a short PowerPoint presentation that summarises the main features and benefits of Safeguarding Hubs.
  • Live demonstration
    Each demonstration lasts about 20 minutes.  A 1-hour workshop incudes one demonstration, and the 2-hour workshop includes three demonstrations.
  • Questions and answers
    The final 30 minutes allows plenty of time for questions and answers.

When do workshops take place?

Workshops take place on selected:

  • Monday afternoons - starting at 2pm
  • Tuesday mornings - starting at 10am
  • Thursday evenings - starting at 7pm

The list of available dates can be found here.

How much does a workshop cost?

A 1-hour workshop costs £195 + VAT.

A 2-hour workshop costs £295 + VAT.

What else is included?

We know that diocesan staff are very busy, and so we are pleased to include the following services at no extra cost;

  • Publicising the workshop
    With your permission we can email relevant Hub or Dashboard Owners with the workshop details.
  • Registration admin
    We can handle all the administration associated with the workshop registration.
  • Workshop participation and feedback
    After the workshop we can give you a list of participants (and their parishes).  We will also share with you the results of a feedback survey sent to workshop participants.

The only input required from a diocese is to choose the date and time.  We can do everything else.

Does a member of our diocesan team need to attend?

The attendance of a diocesan team member can be helpful, but it is not essential.

A workshop can sometimes prompt participants to ask questions that relate to diocesan guidance.  If a member of your team is in attendance, they can answer these questions immediately; otherwise, we will ask them to contact your team after the workshop.

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